Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bill's Ride 11/30/2011

Bill and Hillbasher were out on the road today. Different times. Here is Bill's report.

This morning was another great time to ride up GMR.
Clear skies, mild temperatures, and a lightly trafficked
road made for a very nice ride.  I did see a few other
folks on the road, about a dozen bike riders including
3 SC Velo and 4 Adobo Velo riders, along with a few
skate boarders and several motor vehicles of various

I observed one car that was hauling a couple of skate
boarders up to their launch spots making stops along
the road to clean up gravel and debris - I thanked them
for their efforts because they were helping all of us that
were out on the road today.

My ride was very pleasant and uneventful.  I did improve
on my ride time from home to the shed by 3 minutes, due
in the most part to the higher gears I have been pushing
the last several trips up the hill.  My "training" plan is to
keep working my way up through higher gears every few
weeks to build my leg strength and my speed.  So far
it is working.

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