Sunday, November 13, 2011

GMR Trifecta 11/12 - 11/13

The lure of the road outweighed the dark clouds after a week of no biking. The ascent by the ranger station felt new and challenging. As I approached the bottom of Monroe the drops poured gently down. Enough to remind me how wet everything gets as wheels kick the water up your seat. I headed down and the speed of downhill and droplets were enough to indicate that was a good decision. I cycled around the drier parts of Glendora over to Palm Drive and up Kregmont to Twelve House Hill with its 9.7% grade. Back around to Sierra Madre hang with the Tour Du Foothill riders for a few blocks. A race marshal on bike was stopped and searching his playlist to find "climbing music" for the next 9 miles. I consider coyote howls, crickets chirping and lizards, squirrels and birds digging through brush music to climb by. Ranger Station pass 2 -- a couple of cyclists stopped on the road by the ranger station were impressed as I spun by. The rain capes were the fashion of the TdF riders. I again gave up before the bottom of Monroe.

I left my cycling clothes on for Saturday afternoon and waited out the weather. After errands and lunch -- the need for altitude was strong. I headed out again. The droplets caressed the pavement on Sierra Madre, I nearly turned around twice. Above Sierra Madre was dry. Third time up the forestry curve my legs were feeling it. Perhaps I had done more than perceived in the morning. It was a fairly dry ride up Saturday afternoon. The rain waited until the first saddle. I had sun and rain at the same time. Downhill felt good. The heavy jacket and windbreaker were good protection for the descent.

Of course Sunday morning was stunning for Group Beanz. Bill took off for his ride this morning.

Ray and I rode Sunday afternoon. What a pleasure to ride the road on a beautiful sunny day with perfect temperatures. I could have left that backpack at home! Yahooie! Ride your Bike.

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