Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday with Bill 11/15/2011

It was a nice clear, albeit cool, morning. Great for riding. I took off around 8:30 and headed up GMR. The road started off pretty quiet, very little vehicle  traffic and just three other cyclists that passed me (of course) on their way up the hill.  After a while, the road got busier, several motorcycles passed me going up and a group of skate boarders passed me going down. As I neared Newman's Point I became aware of some spoke "chatter" from my rear wheel - one or more of them were probably a bit loose. I stopped at Newman's for a quick check and decided that I would head home and do some spoke "tuning" in the comfort  of my garage.  The descent was cool and uneventful. I did see several more riders coming up to enjoy the day. I'll probably be back up again Thursday and I will see if my spoke adjustments have been effective.

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