Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday 11/23/2011

Glorious. One of the remaining few days for a mid-week ride. Work let out early,  if you are wondering. The afternoon was warm when I started around 2:45 pm. The road was quiet, quiet, quiet. Very few gutsy folks out riding. Just me, road, breathing, no thinking a solo ride.

Descending reminded me that there are "54F" reasons why most cyclists have ended their season. The sun sets quickly and so does the temperature. Yep, toe-biting cold on the way down at 25-30 mph. Glad to have the knee warmers, head band, base layer and jacket. It is the warm feeling of a "quart" endorphins in the tank with 786 Kcal burned, 17,270 heart beats pumped, 21.3 miles ridden, and 2621 feet climbed. Total odometer for the bike is 6,576 miles. Thanksgiving here I come.

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