Sunday, June 1, 2014


Connections. Friday I connected with the mastermind and ultimate trail tracker of Parliament 0f 0wls. Robert had the low down on mountain lion and bear movements in several canyons. We chatted in the shade and watched four forest service/dwp trucks roll by. Mike Oxford of the San Dimas Experimental Forest drove passed. Robert flagged Mike down and we discussed scientific affiliations and hypotheses in order to be granted access to the forest. Matt joined the three of us and the beam on Mike's face when Matt said remember me - was bigger than the canyon. More talk that walk on Friday. It was hot. The small world of people connecting people helped.

Saturday. Started out early on the ride around 7:15. The gate was manned with guard for the Film crew. The road crew made adjustments to the dirt around mile marker 8.44. Rode with Matt and a new acquaintance from Long Beach, Dr. Karen. She had a good tempo and the right cadence. She talked about the Tour de Cure and Palos Verdes helped pass the miles away. Karen did repeats. Matt and I rode on to Glendora Ridge Road mile marker 6.2 - round trip miles 39. The sun heated up GRR and it was good to get back to the top of Monroe. Met up with Wolfgang, Scott S., Mark within 10 minutes. Odd how the road is empty until there was convergance.

Sunday.  Hiked along GMR. Met Joan and Cathy (Glendora-Napa) and had a good long talk about the joy of mountain roads.

Photos: Wolfgang, Matt, Scott, Mark, Baldy from mile marker 6.2 on Glendora Ridge Road.

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