Monday, June 16, 2014

Dalton Debris Basin Truck Traffic

7 trucks already lined up to haul dirt from the dalton basin to irwindale.

Busy day on the road. The trucks lined up to haul the dirt away. The San Andreas Film site reverted back to normal. LA County Road Closures estimated 6/19 for the Road to be open. While the electronic sign at the gate continued to post 6/17. The best guess is June 18 for Road Open.

Everyone will be excited to get back on the road. It's been a few weeks so take the first lap slow to re-familiarize your equipment to the curves, the bends and the rocks on the road.

Hey, Doug. Bill wanted me to let you know he too has a Salsa Vaya Bike.

Road with Joan to Newman's tonight. Joan set a strong pace and after reviewing my data it is the best time to the first saddle in months. 53:06 minutes. I am appreciating my health even though the legs felt like Gumby legs. The two miles to Newman's were long mentally. Happy Exhaustion arriving in the flat of Newman's. Fairly windy on the way down.

Time to relax, sleep and recover for the next ride.

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Doug Strange said...

You're off to a strt on that new regular posting theme..... That was the first time I tok the vaya up gmr, and maybe only it's fourth ride, but I love it.