Sunday, June 8, 2014

GMR Road Closed Updates

Guard at the gate chatted about the upcoming film schedule. Filming will commence on Wednesday, Thursday and next Sunday! Road will not be accessible those days. So get your rides and walks in on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. The filming is going slower than scheduled. Duane Johnson (aka "The Rock") may be here on Thursday.


Julius Sinocruz said...

Bear sighting today at GMR. Bear was huge about 6ft tall and brown color.

GMR said...


Check out the bear videos at

Ray Clone saw this bear in Baldy Village.

GMR said...


Wow. It is neat to see the wildlife enjoy their home. When the traffic diminishes they come out a bit more.

What time of the day did you see the bear?

Do check out the videos at Parliament 0f 0wls as Robert catches many animals on camera. You might find your bear!

-- GMR