Friday, June 13, 2014

Hike on GMR

Glendora Mountain Road is closed until June 17, 2014.

I hiked along the road today. Two miles up to the wall at mile marker 11.39. Each time I am on the road, it seems like you have seen it all, when something new comes along changes your view of the world. On the way up a truck with a long flat bed trailer towed two grey SUVs up the hill. One SUV had an extra roll cage on top of the roof with a seat and a driver's wheel. Equipment for the movie shoot for San Andreas. Cool.

I met Doug S. on my way down, and realized he was in Baldy Village on Saturday. His wife Donna had chatted with me about riding with a group. Doug has spurred me to write more posts this summer. Will do and I hope to see you on the mountain real soon.

A fast pace for my four mile walk. A vociferous squirrel in the tree. Not much to report. The guard at the gate has not seen the Rock (Duane Johnson).  I said, when they clean up the port-a-potties you know he is coming.

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