Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight Savings Time

The celebration of the change of time started at 4:10 pm when the car pool partner said let's hit the road. Heaven in deed. The sunny skies with a patchwork of clouds in Santa Ana gathered into a thick grey blanket swaddling the San Gabriel Valley. The freeway cooperated and I was home by 5:06. Perfect. Out the door and on the bike by 5:24.

The electronic sign was on and flashing Road Closed Ahead. Closed East Fork. GRR. A few more screens and a date of March 11. It didn't sink in. I forged ahead thinking gate would be closed. It was open. OK, two more days before its closed.

It was such a quiet ride, clouds, non-existent traffic and thus the clanking of the chain just wouldn't be remedied with trimming, up shifting, down shifting. Off the bike and check it out. When no weight was on it seemed ok. Perhaps the guilt of not cleaning the chain was haunting me. The quiet of the mountain, the quiet of the road. The rustling of leaves as I pedaled nosily past as small critters skittered farther into brush.

I went to the wall at mile marker 11.39. Continued my clank check. It was 6:18 pm and darkness encroached. The purpose of this ride was logistics. Just do it. Create new habits. Windows of opportunity for mountain time. It was successful.

On the way down I saw one other fellow cyclist on his way up. Respect.

The mystery of the clank was discovered as I shook my foot. My shoe had lost its cleat plate. Gotta laugh.