Sunday, March 8, 2009

OTS Vehicle

Sunday March 9, 2009.

The Sunday traffic on Glendora Mountain Road was lighter than the Saturday flow. Noticeable on Sunday was the aerial support of the Sheriff's helicopter. It made multiple passes and hovered near the maintenance shed. Two CHP officers ventured down the side of the mountain to investigate the vehicle. Subaru. recent model. 2008. It had gone over the side of the mountain. No bodies found. This was an old event as there wasn't any fresh dirt scrapings along the edge.

A friendly CHP officer stopped one motorcyclist. The rider didn't have insurance or a valid California motorcycle license. It was rumored that the he would have to walk his bike home. I didn't see anyone pushing a motorcycle on the road, so perhaps he got off with a warning.

Sheriff's helicopter support:

CHP Officers who investigated the car at the scene:

The maintenance shed is in the background with Mount Baldy in the far distance. The first orange arrow painted on the edge was a bit small. Could you make the orange arrow a bit bigger please:

The Subaru is on its hood with tires in the air:

With all the hoopla today, it was good to have CHP presence on the road reminding motorcyclists to drive slower. With the weather warming up it will be nice to have officers patrolling regularly.

Saturday Ride

Lots of groups of cyclists, Simple Green, Sho-Air, Pasadena Triathlon Association. Rode non-stop from the electronic sign to Monroe Truck Trail.