Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Road Safety

Glendora Mountain Road. A motorcyclist driving southbound lost control of his bike near the forestry station just north of Boulder Springs Drive and south of Big Dalton Canyon Road. The rider was thrown over the side rails, down the hillside and was air lifted approximately 3:30 pm to the county hospital this afternoon. The bike slid another 50-100 yards down the road.

This portion of the road is under city jurisdiction. Glendora Police responded to the accident and had the road blocked to all through traffic. Personnel were actively taking photos, measurements and analyzing the scene at 5:30 pm. The road was expected to be opened in approximately one hour.

Two photos by Ron:

Two photos by Matt:

There's a lot of dirt on the road so if the motorcyclists and autos could slow down it would be much appreciated.

March 10, 2009

March 15,2009. Update: An off duty Montebello police officer Eric Bermudiz, 29 years old is in critical condition at the LA County-USC Medical Center after veering into the opposite lane and sailing over the guard rails.

Lt. Rob Lamborghini is investigating the incident.