Thursday, July 23, 2009

Catching up with Daryl

Our man abroad Daryl was traveling in France on his bike.....

Tuesday July, 21 2009

Today the Tourmalet and I aspire two challenging mountain passes. Three more days to go. This is the France coast to coast ride across the Pyrenees. About 450 miles riding from the Atlantic coast of France to the Mediterranean sea along the Pyrenees mountain range. The Pyrenees mountains separate France and Spain. This is bicycle country. Everyday our group sees lots of bike riders out enjoying the French countryside just like we are.
Still riding,

French church in the countryside:

Col d'Aubisque with donkey

The riding group:

Thursday July 23, 2009

Hey all,
Well, one day to finish the coast to coast ride. Today we completed our last major mountain climb, Col de Jau, yes it was a tough ride. Tomorrow we ride to the Mediterranean sea, a city called Argeles sur Mer. It will be a 50 mile ride that is mostly down hill, we are all looking forward to a fun easy ride to complete the journey. There are 8 guys in this group, all are from the United Kingdom, except the brother from LA!!! They are all strong riders who have been training for this ride since January, I started around April. Some of the group work for the oil industry in Qatar, and it seems like a big activity for them is riding bikes, they are strong riders, but I do get respect. Anyone who can ride all of these mountain passes is a bike rider. Although I am traveling in France, I am having a very British experience. Lots of UK slang and humor, and of course a bit of tea after a long ride, talk of the Tour de France and UK riders and soccer and cricket. Needless to say this type of trip is a pretty bonding experience so we are all cool with each other.

Au revior,

Tour Operator's Country House where Daryl stayed the night:

A town along the route:

The Tourmalet:

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