Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Ride

Hungry for a Sunday ride, I rolled out at 7:00 am. Perfect time to ride when the day's temperatures forecast in the 100s. Rode at a reasonable pace and reached the shed in good time. The view from the top of Monroe.

Good to see Albert, Carlos and Carlos, Francis and Jesse. Met Pat and buddies from Claremont on their way to the Village. Haven't seen Alan since December so we had catching up to do.

There is an issue, a fairly hot topic on GMR that Alan and I disagree over. It's

Squirrels are rodents, small and furry, with tiny brains. They run across the road at inconvenient moments. My hard line attitudes stems from direct interaction with squirrels local and remote. After several close calls, my most recent run in resulted in a sudden stop, falling, bruises, a replacement tire and helmet.

Alan views are diametrically opposite to mine. Squirrels are nice, cute.

I will allow they have their niche in the forest and are a food source for coyotes, foxes, hawks and snakes. Alan decided the fervor of my statements showed a dark side to my nature. True. Perhaps it will mellow when my hand and hip completely heal. It's perfectly acceptable to hold different views.

The energy from meeting old friends, making new connections and getting a few calories pedalled off is always exhilarating.

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pommi said...

I'm with you wrt squirrels ... I was lucky once coming down Diablo at 40mph when one of those suckers decided to cross the road ... almost lost control. One other time though, the squirrel was on the unlucky side har har ;-)