Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hot July Saturday Ride

The heat came early and fast. I joined Carl, Brian and Jason. The air was muggy and humid. Hydration was key to having a safe trip. I carried three water bottles. A necessity for this time of the year.

Carl had suffered leg cramps on the way up. His toes were tingling. Loosen the shoes. Wiggle the toes.

At the fork I saw an Australian Cattle Dog. I looked for the car he arrived in, when I overhead the owner state, the dog road on the back on the motorcycle! The others were already way ahead of me and I didn't stop for a picture. I really must take more pictures!

The view from Fork plus Four.

Carl suffered a few more cramps on the way back. I rode a slower conservative pace. The shed provided respite from the sun and the myriad of motorcycles on the road today.

Leaving the shed, Carl looked over his left shoulder back at a passing motorcycle. The edge of the road had crumbled away and left a gaping hole of dirt. His bike slipped off the road, a cloud of dust arose as Carl's body and bike crashed onto the asphalt. He scrapped his knee, chest, hand, cheek and chin. His cleats had disengaged and the bike lay in the middle of the road. With the amount of heavy but sporadic motor traffic I retrieved the bike off the road. After a few moments of collecting his breath. He felt fit enough to travel downward. He and Bryan descended quickly. I took a slower pace. The wall of heat hit me at the first saddle. It was close to 100F. Carl stopped for rest near Colby Trail. The water fountain at the Equestrian Center provided fresh cool water for Carl's body and soul.

The heat and dehydration have taken down the best and fastest riders on Glendora Mountain Road. Three water bottle minimum is now in effect until October. Hydrating early and often will reduce cramping and other injuries.

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