Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Ride

I started out with the intention of riding solo setting my own tempo on Glendora Mountain Road. Then life happens. I met Naomi at the Electronic Sign and rode with her to the shed. She had ridden from Altadena and wanted to loop down to East Fork, Highway 39 and back through Duarte, Monrovia and home. She was building her endurance for the Cool Breeze Century.

The Sunday crowd passed us out on the road. Carlos, Carlos, George, and Albert all said hello. Alan joined us at Newman's turnout. I had a good surge up the hill to the shed. Rode with Alan to Fork Plus Four. The California Highway Patrol was managing the over the side vehicle.

The view of the shoulder where the car went over the side.

The vehicle was a 2007 Scion. It had just been paid off. There were three people in the accident. The crash occurred between 2 and 3 am while racing other vehicles along Glendora Mountain Road. The worst injury happened to the driver of the vehicle. His ear was reattached at a local hospital.

Imagine being in the car in the dark and crawling up the hillside!

The tow truck operator didn't have a long enough winch and ended up attaching chains to help drag the auto up the hillside.

It was very hot standing and watching the tow truck operator attach the chains and get the angle off the truck, cable and mountain side just right.

The clouds that help shade the ascent of the morning ....

quickly evaporated.

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Naomi said...

What a great ride that was! I really enjoyed meeting and riding with you yesterday! Thanks for hanging with me up my first ascent of GMR. Looks like you had quite an adventure after I headed down the East Fork Road. ( Hmmm. GMR is a beautiful world unto itself - East Fork and Hwy 39 were not so nice in July. Long, sweaty ride home. Dumped a LOT of icewater on myself to combat the 99 degree temp as I made my way back to Altadena. ) THANKS! I'll be back -- to GMR and your blog!