Friday, July 3, 2009

Perfect Day

The Independence holiday, the road closure, and clear skies created a trifecta of good forces for cyclists on Glendora Mountain Road. Motor traffic stymied by the locked gates couldn't comprehend the rationale of authorities. Fireworks and fire danger, or just taking a weekend off from scraping people and vehicles off the side of the mountain were possible reasons. Life was good on the other side of the fence. Photo courtesy of Ron.

Met up with friends at the shed. Phil with his Eddy Merckx bike asked if I had a new carbon bike. Yes! It rides smooth and sweet. Easy on the heart. Happy with the performance boost.

Kelly of Claremont on his Trek Pilot 2.5. It was good to catch up on life as it has been nine months when he last had need of a tire pump in September. I have now outfitted the new bike with a micro-pump and CO2 cartridge.

It was a perfect day dreamed of for the past month while enduring the thick marine layer of June. Those gray clouds and fog that enveloped the soul and shrouded the pavement have given way to the summer sun and heat. Click on image to get the full effect.

The temperature hovered around 85F. The sun beat down piercing the clean air right through the sunscreen and clothes. My speed dipped lower. Patches of shade from a few trees or cliff were moments of welcome relief.

Met Jordan and Francis at mile 7.0. They rode to Cow Saddle and couldn't be convinced to descend to the Village. They were the front tier of Adobo Velo and are brother and cousin of Mandy.

In the Village met Francis (Tour de Francis), Mandy, Henry and Julius of Adobo Velo at the post office. Leaving the village they challenged me to ride a bit faster. Amazed I stayed in contact with them for the ride back.

One might say I had a burr up my butt to go this far. Trips to the village for the year number 5. Now to improve my time to arrival.

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