Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Cheer

It just took a different perspective to understand why riding Glendora Mountain Road challenges the best of us. From the junction of Monroe, Mystic and Poop-Out Trails, this view of Glendora Mountain Road shows the uphill from the bottom of the Monroe Truck Trail at the Little Dalton Creek, through the S-bends, past Colby Trail hairpin, two more hair pins with a longer straight away to the burn out hair pin wending up to Coyote Corner the final hairpin, past the "banana tree" to the new section of road and up to the first saddle.

The hike up Mystic Canyon was warm and toasty today. Not a lot foot or mountain bike traffic. Noticed someone had performed trail maintenance. The ruts from the four inches of rain a week ago had been dug out. They created bumps or tiers for future run off to follow and had soften the path. It felt good on the feet.

On the Sunday hike the mountain bikers caught be by surprise. I appreciated the guys who had cow bells on as they come up fast without warning. Not certain if this was a part of Peter's group.

Today's adventure had a double whammy as I lost an item along the trail. After putting the turkey in the oven and the soup on simmer, I hiked back up Mystic and found my treasure waiting for me on the difficult rocky section just 15 minutes from the bottom. I was glad to retrieve it and to return home. Merry Christmas from the road. Ride safe.

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