Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday on the Mountain

As the morning warmed up, I headed out the door for a bike ride around 10:30. Not my usual time. I waited until the outdoor temperature read 55F. I donned shorts and brought the leg warmers. Doubled the jersey and brought hat and ski gloves. Toasty warm was the goal for the descent and not overly burdened on the way up. The knees responded free of constraints, the brain freed from work worries and the mood good from sunlight and clear air.

Traffic was light, however the autos were all intent with getting somewhere fast. A black Mitsubishi car raced laps up and down. A couple of skateboarders. A few motorcycles. The rush of "owning" the road, pedaling fast and a warm December sun filled my soul.

Kelly of Claremont was headed down and we stopped at mile marker 11.0. Haven't crossed paths with Kelly since July 11th.

We talked of goals for the next year: Staying upright, Crystal Lake and Mount Palomar. I ditto'd those goals. The staying upright a number one priority. Remember my indecisive squirrel incident and my recently acquired cleat footwear has left my healing skinned knees purple. My descending rhythm repaired, but not fearless.

I enjoyed the view from the top of Monroe. I could see Catalina in the distance as well as the towers of Los Angeles. But the camera does not always discern. It was past noon and body craved calories. The mojo bar engulfed.

I caught up with John at the shed on my way down. I had spotted John chatting with resident Frank of Palm Drive. I figured if he was on his way up he would catch me along the road. I haven't seen John for six months or more and it was good to connect. My average on the road today was much better than Saturday: 7.4 mph with an overall time of 1:08:30 to the top of Monroe. The Vitamin D article that I mentioned was worth a look.

An opportunity to catch up with friends. Perfect for the holidays.

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Ernest Millan said...

Hi there "GMR",

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ernest Millan. I'm a 35 year old resident of La Verne and a cycling enthusiast. I've been following your blog for a few weeks now and I think it is great.

As for cycling, I usually perform weekly solo rides to the Santa Fe Dam from my home. However, today (New Years Day) marked my first successful climb to the maintenance shed on GMR. Prior to that, my first two attempts on GMR got me a couple miles short of the shed.

Anyway, thanks for the blog. Here's a time-lapse video of today's ride taken with my iPhone mounted to my handlebars. Enjoy!