Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year

I am off to a slow start to an absolutely gorgeous New Year's weather. The first part of the holiday break was my version of hog heaven. Biking, then hiking, then biking again. Good weather, cool weather, back to great weather. With friends or solo. I felt unstoppable until waylaid by the tiniest of life forms: a cold. Just a niggly little post nasal drip that cascaded overnight into a torrential hurricane of forces. Hunkered down and syrup-upped I have been sidelined, sidetracked and felt like an over the side vehicle. Finished reading two books and started a third: ChiRunning.

Forced to take a slower approach to life, I got out for a walk on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was Little Dalton Basin behind the Hot Shots Ranger Station. The creek burbled cheerfully rushing between the rocks. My mind boggling question was, "If water is clear, why are clouds white?" Physics of light absorbed versus light refracted answers the question, but its much better if you are outside in 78F weather on January 2nd in Glendora California.

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