Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hog Wild

The Angeles Wildcad Incident site covered many mishaps that occur in the forest. From traffic collisions, road closures, medical aids, illegal campfires, smoke checks, assists with flat tires and tows, the many unique scenarios captured on this website titillate the reader with their brevity.

This afternoon the site listed an item timestamped at 14:26, "Large pig in the sun" - reported on Glendora Mountain Road at mile marker 13.71. I had hoped it was an coded invitation for a New Year's barbecue feast.

Matt ventured out to get an eye witness report and photo. Located approximately 200 yards from the electronic sign. It was indeed a dead pig. As of 16:30 it had been removed.

When driving on the road, be prepared for the unexpected wildlife or careless driver, otherwise you too could become bacon in the sun.


Carol Anne Hagele, Education Specialist with the SGV Mosquito & Vector Control District has identified our errant hog as a pot-bellied pig and most likely someone's pet. Either escaped or dumped. Wild and domestic pigs have longer snouts and longer legs and lack the big “dewlap” under the chin.

Thanks Carol!


Hillbasher said...

Did a little differant ride on Wednesday the 6th. A friend and I started at the parking area at the West Fork on highway 39 and rode up to Crystal Lake. Steep,warm, and a very rewarding ride. And the downhill was a great payoff for all the work.

Hillbasher said...

Road up to the top on Sunday, the 10th. Perfect day for a ride, warm,clear, just an all around great day. Someone drove off the road just below the CalTrans shed. Guess he was able to crawl out of the car and get back up to the road. Glad to hear he was ok, but hoped he learned a lesson.