Friday, January 22, 2010

Road Status 2010-01-22


The last rock run truck headed south on Glendora Mountain Road to Sierra Madre at 16:18. I continued on up the road to check on the gate status. It was locked. Artful avoidance of the turnout while changing direction kept my car from getting stuck in the mud. A sheriff's vehicle headed up the road at 16:22. Busy place for a rainy Friday afternoon.

During the Thursday evening check on the gate, the rain pounded my windshield obliterating any visual on the road near the ranger station. The windshield wipers had no impact in clearing the huge droplets. It felt like I was driving blind. I slowed down to a virtual stop. The density of rainfall conditions improved within a few feet. The dramatic difference could impact the burn area.

Glendora had 6.95 inches of rainfall this week. More than half the season total of 12.59 inches.


Hillbasher said...

Still closed as of 11:40AM , Saturday morning, the 23rd.

Hillbasher said...

Was up to Baldy yesterday. Due to a car accident, was unable to ski, but there was tons of snow. Driving conditions the worst I have seen in local mountains in quite some time.