Monday, January 11, 2010

Saturday Ride

Blame it on Football. The New York Jets, the Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals each winning their respective games. Yep. Football is my reason for a delay of posting. Not an aversion to computing technology that reminds me of work once I turn it on. Yep. Football. A much better reason.

Saturday was a fantastic day for a ride. Temperatures in the 70s. Light traffic. Sunlight and warmth. And the budding greenery. Is this January?

Willie caught up with me. Juan sprinted ahead while Willie and I enjoyed similar political views on the topic of balancing compensation between the upper and lower echelons. Willie and Juan were on their way to Baldy Village. I still recovering from my holiday cold was quite happy with heading home from the shed.

When a rider zips past you not once, but twice or three times on every single Saturday, one begins to wonder if they are a professional. I got a rare chance of catching Colleen when she was refueling at the electronic sign for her next lap to the top of Monroe. She is simply amazingly fast and puts in five laps for her ride while I happily put in one.

An inspiration to us all.

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