Wednesday, January 27, 2010


After 10 days of no mountain and no rain, I set a leisurely pace. I had energy to look up at the sky enjoy the clouds, the near full moon and sunset.

Talked with a number of folks and characters along the road. Brian from SC Velo shouted hello as he descended. One white haired rube sitting in back of his blue van at the First Saddle chuckled as I passed by. He was already done with the hard part! I agreed. He explained his route. He drove to the saddle then pedaled his bike to the shed twice. This longer 4 mile section of road from saddle to she was also flatter. True enough. Interesting concept.

Saw Matt coming up as I was going down when Charlie also stopped and chatted. German triathletes were coming to try out our mountain in February. They planned bike adventures in the Alps and the Dolomites. We will see if GMR can charm them with its curves, easy slope and our warmer winter weather.

Charlie and I descended together. He wondered how in the heck I was braking. Easy. Dual sets of brake handles. None of this leaning way down to squeeze the front brake levers. We were zipping down at 27 mph around the ranger station where the pavement was bumpy at best and strewn with sharp rocks from last week's rain fall. I approached the light at Boulder Springs and realized Charlie was no longer with me. I circled around. Flat tire. A cycling dude walking his German Shepard agreed how cold it got when whipping down the mountain. He asked Charlie if there was snow at the shed. Not today. The walker and I recalled the snow from last year. The icy patches of road. Today it was dry and warm.

Wednesday evening bike ride bliss. Life was good on the road.

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