Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday Ride

Ominous cloud cover dissipated into a brilliant day. The morning clouds discouraged the early birds and when the sun came out the traffic bloomed.

On the way up, I met a SC Velo rider Brian at the electronic sign. He was headed for Baldy with his buddy. They were quickly out of sight. Juan passed me by around the first saddle and waited for Willie at the shed. They were also headed for The Village. My ride peaked out at the top of Monroe where I took the picture. the receding snow should be replenished with the upcoming storms. Met Ernie from Long Beach back at the shed. It was his first time since the arrival of his second child eight months ago. Matt was also on the road that morning. Willie made a turned around sooner than expected and he talked a bit on the way down the mountain.

My legs having missed the Wednesday ride complained a bit. I am getting back to my winter pace. The holiday cold a diminishing concern, I still swapped out the initial base layer drenched in sweat for a nice dry one. Much less chilly descent when you don't have ice cubes next to your skin. The sun and the temperature warmed up at midday. The motorcycle traffic also increased on the way down. I tried to get off the mountain between their laps. A successful trip in all.

I will be checking on the road status in the afternoons as the rains come in this week.

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