Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Ride 2009-12-19

A mere wispy of a memory, the rains of last week dimmed as the sun rose. Winter, only moments now from arriving, inconceivable as the morning warmed to spring like temperatures. Yet as I left for my ride the briskness of morning 52F lingered in my brain. Best I thought to be warm than cold.

Jason was out on the road early today to ride to Baldy Village with a new acquaintance. His one hour head start meant our paths would not cross.

Spying a trio of riders on Sierra Madre, I pushed to catch up. I narrowed the gap, but the cell phone buzzed and I stopped and checked a message. Convenient? They stopped at the electronic sign and there I met Matt, Wolfgang and Charlie.

The gate was open. Patches of dry fine grained dirt sporadically covered the pavement, the road free of mud and very passable both up and down.

Wolfgang and Charlie had plans of traversing several miles up Glendora Ridge Road, possibly Baldy Village. Charlie convinced Matt to swap front wheels to see if the components gave a smoother ride.

The air was clear and views of the towers of downtown Los Angeles stood out in the skyline. Catalina and San Clemente Islands stretched out along the distant panorama.

The story untold was what happened to the wall at the top of Monroe approximately mile marker 5.25. Sandbags shored up the mountain side and two deep ruts on each side showed where water flowed.

Adobovelo had their riders on the road. I chatted with Francis, Felix and Mandy. Topics included the recent Triple Lakes Ride aka Tour de Frances, the Double Century in Death Valley and the weather. Mandy showcased his new Rossetti bike. Made from carbon it was light about 16 pounds as I lifted it up. The handle bars were also carbon and uniquely shaped. The brake cables were hidden within the frame. More room to mount lights for night time riding.

The snow atop Baldy from GMR and the top of Monroe. I kept an eye out for Peter and his crew of mountain bikers, but I didn't put a name to a truck.

All in all a great day for a ride. Good road, good weather, and great company.

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Bicycle Friends said...

Annette, the ride to Mt. Baldy was great! Michael and I headed up GMR at about 7:45 am. The ride was moderately paced with one stop on GMR, just above Maint. Shed.

At about Fork plus 8 my legs started to cramp pretty bad. I didn't drink much water. I took three bottles and at Fork plus 8, I still had two full bottles, EEK!

Missed you but I directed Michael to your site! He's a good strong rider.