Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Matt spotted an orange jersey hiding in the hillside Friday Dec 4, 2009. It looked like a hunter's orange jacket placed in the wild. I conjectured it was placed to get the deer acclimated to human scents and forms. That theory proved wrong. I hiked in my bicycle cleats to get a close up look at this new forest denizen. A pleasant shock and a laugh.

Perhaps this is a geocaching. I won't give away the location. No hints! My cleats need cleaning now.


Hillbasher said...

LOL I also saw this on the way up GMR at least a week ago. Its location will remain your secret until you want to disclose it. When I first saw it I actually thought it was someone up there scuting out a hunting view site, and that they had a rifle with them. I actually yelled up at it
" remember there are people down hear". I feel sort of funny now seeing what it really was. When I was up there Wednesday of this week I almost hiked up to get a close look, but it was so cold, I thought the heck with it, it can wait. I am glad I kept my cleats clean, and you solved the mystery for me.

BicycleFriends said...

I found him!