Monday, December 14, 2009

Road Status 2009-12-14

Four inches of rain fall during the week moved earth from the hillside impacted by Morris Fire. Dark slick wet mud covered the pavement on Glendora Mountain Road between mile marker 9.06 and 7.51. The dirt an eighth to a quarter of an inch thick shaded from the autumn sun stayed moist into the afternoon. Fresh tracks of equipment lined the edge of the road and the shoulder. It may be a long winter.

The road closed Sunday 13-Dec-2009 and remained closed today. Department of Public Works personnel reminded stray folks that the road was closed.

The morning hike up Mystic Canyon showed the beauty of the weather and the forest.

GMR was silent without motor traffic.

In the afternoon, Coyote Corner lived up to its name. A coyote embolden by the quiet and looking hungry staid out on the road. I passed cautiously in an attempt not to lure it to me by reaching for a camera tucked in a back pocket.


gtcooper said...

Is the road closed to bikes as well? Or just cars?

banksd1983 said...

Ahhhh. I check this blog every couple of days, but the one time I don't it came back to bite me in the butt. I never saw that GMR was closed again, so I left my house, climbed the 39, took East Fork to the backside of GMR then went up. When I got to the GMR/GRR intersection, I saw this

had to turn around and take the long way back home in the cold! Judging by those pictures, good thing I didn't try poaching it.

GMR said...

After cleaning the road bike from the silty grit, I won't ride in the mud again. The impression I got from the DPW personnel was closed to all. But it is certainly tempting. It is your decision.

Bicycle Friends said...

I'm looking to do a GMR to Baldy ride this weekend. Keep me posted!

Frenchy said...

Thanks for the update, I went up Azusa Canyon road and had to turn around at the GMR closing. (Actually I just went to Mt. Baldy Lodge instead)