Wednesday, May 4, 2011

L'Etape du California

Saturday May 7th, 2011

I spotted Tinker Juarez at 10:20 am on Glendora Ridge Road about 2 miles in. He was the first rider coming up the road!

I saw Jason, Eric, Kelly, Cheryl, Kent, Ron, and Bob, Brian, Kenny of SC Velo. This wild Southern California Crowd (of one) cheered wildly as the riders cruised by. They smiled.

Friday May 6, 2011
The L'Etape du California is happening this Saturday. With 1,500 bike riders on the road I hope there will still be room on the road for me going the opposite direction. With a launch of 7 am from Claremont, I could miss the peloton coming down Glendora Ridge Road or be swept up in the second assualt as they climb back up to Baldy. It may be spectacular to see that many riders on the road. Quiet road or see the parade?


Michael said...

I imagine the wide range of abilities will have things spread out pretty quickly, but with that many riders it will still be quite a sight.

Bicycle Friends said...

I've never ridden up Mt Baldy but will take this opportunity along with 1500 friends. I will be the 1501th person. See you there Annette.

wayne said...

I'll bet less than half finish.
Any takers?

GMR said...

Less than half . . . That is a wide range in deed. They start in 45 minutes. It is a cooler day. The one mile ascent to cow canyon saddle will separate the men from the boys. Then it is much easier down to 39back around to Glendora. I expect a bit of carnage along Sierra madre. Nasty edge to the gutters. Back up the front side of gmr with the reward climb between 5 and 8.3 then the skii lifts. Yes Wayne I think you are right on this one. I think there will be a lot of folks changing tires today.

Bicycle Friends said...

I spied Annette and Wayne on GMR today. Wayne I called your name but I don't think you heard me.

wayne said...

I saw Bill Walton riding. This is the 3rd time we have seen him on a ride, 1= Ensenada, 2= Death Valley, & gmr. Hard to miss a 7' tall red head with a big toothy smile.
Jason, I did hear you.
How many finished the organized ride?

GMR said...

I did see an incredibly tall fellow on a bike. For a moment I thought Jason had ridden his tall bike. Good to know who he was. Lots of celebrities on our road. How neat.

Mr. Beanz said...

Official results say 955 finishers