Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tour of California Stage 7 Mount Baldy

Stage 7 of the Tour of California was larger than life with its sweeping vistas, non-stop climbs that shredded the professional peloton into string of riders.

The stories will be told of the strong men who rode their bikes through the rugged terrain, however along the roadside as spectators waited a thousand stories were told. I met and re-met friends I have made along the road. Curtis and Rachel, who very kindly shared some much needed shade. Kevin from BicycleFriends, congratulations on the recovery and your ride today! Awesome dude. Ken of Duff Beer fame and his buddy Michael. The photo came out black! TJ an avid follower. So good to connect with readship to rekindle my words. The new job intrudes. Hillbasher who had camped overnight and watched the 2 am parade of drivers on the road.

The familiars who hung with me John, Matt and Bill. New folks such as "Tour Tracker" and Mystery Man. Of course Glendora's celebrity hung with us a world renown triathlete Suzie. She and John had scuba diving in common.

Lots of folks were on the road. Enjoying my cheering as they rode past. It was a good day indeed.

Bill's Photos


Hillbasher said...

Can you believe the luck with the weather yesterday? Just look at it today(Sunday). Went up Friday night and spent the night our GRR at mile post 1.69 or there abouts. Took the mtn. bike along and put in a few miles before falling prey to beer and BBQ burgers. There was still plenty of full moon left once it made it's appearance. Saturday was great crowds, fantastic weather, even better racing, and was ended with pizza back down in town. Too bad all weekends don't turn out this nice.

GMR said...

Hillbasher I have been saying the same thing today. Beauuuutiful weather, Perfect weather and stunning ariel shoots on Versus. Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwen called our stage "Iconic", "as good as Hautecam or l'Alpe du Huez" very famous Tour de France mountain stages. They pumped up our road. Perhaps ATOC might return another year! Then I will train for the ski lifts.

Mr. Beanz said...

Wow, great pictures! That's the spot from which I wanted to view the race but someone (cough cough, Gina) was not in climbing spirits that day hehehe! But as you state, every spot is a good spot on GMR. Beauty of a day!

GMR said...

Mr. Beanz your video wizardry is legendary. Pedaling, talking, recording and making people laugh. I dreamed of this day for so long, riding a bike to the Tour of California how nice of Amgen/AEG to put it on my road.