Monday, May 30, 2011

Breakfast on GMR

After the throngs from the Tour of California last week the road was quite empty, the morning overcast and every little noise caught my attention. First the sound of a "river" of small rocks trickled down the hillside. Dislodged by birds and small animals running around. I shrugged it off and kept riding. Must be the clouds, and the quiet of the road. I get into my zone breathing and cycling, I see only the road a few feet in front of me. A couple more bends by mile marker 11.7 I heard the weirdest noise. Crackling, chewing, bone crunching sound. I turned to the right to see a coyote standing on the dirt berm just a few feet away. I saw a grey tail hanging from its mouth as it crunched breakfast squirrel, bones, tail, fur and all. In a moment the tail was gone. Good coyote.

TJ caught up with me at the first saddle. I met him last week at the Tour and it was good to have someone to talk to and help distract the mind from all the little gripes the body has. Pumped my speed back to normal. We marvelled had how nice the weather was last week for the race and the television coverage. TJ's friends caught up with us at the shed. (help me with the names, TJ) Jason and Byron (??). Also met John at the shed. Only his fifth time up the road. Awesome.

Matt, Ron and Dixie arrived. Dixie looked a bit cold today. I wondered how tandem riders sort it out, go on to Baldy or down GMR. Dixie explained how Ron usually decides and she is along for the ride. However, she can show her dissent in the form of pinching.

John and Bill arrived. John had his swag he found from the race. A Team Type1 bottle from the sponsor Nuun.

Matt, John and I rode to fork plus four. The sun broke through the clouds and it felt a bit warmer.

One rube said today "The view of Glendora (from GMR) is worth a million dollars".

Me I think its priceless.


TJKnight said...

Yes, that's Jason & Byron with me. They made it to the top of the lifts on Saturday!

TJKnight said...

Yes, that's Jason in white and Byron in red. Both are great guys and fun riding partners. We had a great ride on Saturday. Thanks for sharing the pics.