Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where to watch the Tour of California

I had a question from Fat Cat about where to watch the Amgen Tour of California. I have my favorite but highly unlikely a heliocopter, on a motorcycle in front of the riders, in the commentator booth between Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwen. Since none of those are likely I am thinking any uphill will do. Everywhere is scenic. They go by a bit slower on the uphill than the down hill. There is one King of the Mountain Point at the shed. The steep hill before that would be also good.

Tour de France officials were watching how the California Highway Patrol do rolling closures for our bicycle races. Last year the Angeles Crest Highway was really closed about an hour or two before they went by. Of course the real crazy crowd will be between Baldy village and the ski lifts. Packed I think.

Remember you need an adventure pass to park in the forest. They are $5 at Sport Chalet for a day pass.


Bicycle Friends said...

Best Places to me seem like, By East Fork to see both Riders going down then up AND Cow Cattle KOM.

You can always visit me at my Booth at the lifestyle festival. I think we will be next to Felt Booth.

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Bicycle Friends said...

MY tall bike is coming together!