Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Night Ride

Road tonight to Newman's point. Did see Ron and Wayne coming down as I chugged uphill. Good to see you both. I passed a couple of mountain bike guys on the way up. Thanks for making me feel the wind beneath my wings.

Ray Clone told Matt to say hi to "Myah". Who? "Myah" ... no MIA....missing in action so Hey Ray! I will make it there soon.

I met Chad and Justin tonight. Chad spoke of the jet stream that funnels up the canyon with lots of clouds. The shrubbery around the road edge is high at this time of the year, so the cars don't see you coming and vice versa. Agreed. Chad had the good fortune to be with Wolfgang the night he saw a mountain lion, two years ago. He had lots of tales of bobcats, bears and deer.

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