Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Week

First the iconic ride of Andy Schleck during Stage 7 of the Amgen Tour of California with Mount Baldy in the background. This is the first leg down Glendora Ridge Road on May 21, 2011.

The peloton approaches the second KOM on Glendora Mountain Road. Near the shed. Go Andy.

Now back to us normal folks. Sunday morning hike was delayed to the afternoon. It rained in the morning. I saw two deer on the road. One walked straight towards the car. She jumped up the hillside. In the afternoon the clouds moved out and it was a perfect time for a walk.

Big Dalton Creek.

It was my first Monday ride since the February President's Day Holiday. More Monday holidays please. Perfect weather. It was sunny, warm -- not hot and clear sky. A trifecta of right temperature, right amount of sun, right amount of riding.

First Wednesday evening ride to the shed for 2011. Attribute this to longer daylight hours and leaving a mangement meeting at Dave and Busters a bit early. Here is my first picture after my course work from the "Mr. Beanz School of Photography While Riding a Bike."

Proof is in the pictures. I made to the Top of Monroe. Chatted with Ron and Matt. I had hopes of seeing Ray Clone to show him that "MIA" was on the road.

The big question is can I get my mind and my knee in tune for a ride to Baldy. Stay tuned.

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