Saturday, June 25, 2011

First time

No cloud cover this morning. The sun streamed down early and warm. The bike nicely tuned from its Incycle servicing glided up the road. Friends zipped down the mountain in passing. Scott. Bob and Leslie of SC Velo. Ken on his mountain bike beamed that it was a beautiful day for a ride. Met up with Jason and Michael at the top of Monroe. Jason needed a recovery ride after the Thursday mountain bike race. His legs screamed that climbing Highway 39 to the backside of GMR was more challenging than advertised.

Lots of time to think of nothing more than muscles, churning, pedaling, pushing upwards, rhythmic motions, the ligaments surrounding the knee compressing and squeezing. One break in the shade until the bugs swarmed me. The vista from the Sunset turnout.

The alpine section from Glendora Ridge Road, the rolling hills with shade felt good. No need to rush. Conserve water.

It was 80F in the Village at noon. The store by the Lodge was open and the purchase of refrigerated water and the chilled lemon-lime Powerade cooled my core. Met Daniel at Cow Canyon Saddle. We talked of fitting rides in after work. Long summer days with light to ride.

First time this year to reach Baldy. It felt good.

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Bicycle Friends said...

Congratulations on your trip to Mt Baldy.