Saturday, June 4, 2011

Full Week of Riding.

It was a full week of riding for me. Three days of adventures. 86 plus miles. Yahooie. Road to Fork plus Seven. The view of Baldy from Glendora Ridge Road mile marker 7.19. Getting closer to the Village. But where was Ray? He must have eaten too many pancakes at the Fire Fighter's pancake breakfast to get started for the day.

Downhill felt good. Glendora Ridge Road at mile marker 6.0. Beautiful day.

Met Scott Tedro at the dirt turn out by the electronic sign. I had to ask him if he liked his Ford Transit Connect. His answer was yes. Good airconditioning. Reasonable miles per gallon. Plenty of room for the bike and accessories. Nice car, Scott. I feel a Transit Connect in my future. And your 36:50 to the top was a sweet time.

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