Monday, June 27, 2011

GMR closed July 1st approx

GMR closed July 1st approx 10 am. Reopens on Tues July 5th. Just confirmed w ranger personnel. open to hikers and cyclists.

The road is closed to motor traffic. While it is closed hikers/runners/walkers and cyclists may use the road. I wasn't given a time when it would be opened on Tuesday. It is whenever the forest service personnel get around to it. Could be 8 am. Could be later.


Bicycle Friends said...


Mr. Beanz said...

That's what I like about this blog, good info!

Anonymous said...

I have never ridden over there, most of my mountains are in the santa monica mountain range. Do you think there will there be a lot of riders out those days?


GMR said...

If you are looking for lots of riders, SC Velo has a large group ride on July 4th. Meet at the gate at 7:50 am.

I think of Road Closed as heaven myself with or without company.

Anonymous said...

Thanks GMR. Do you know if there are any group rides for the 3rd? BTW, where is the "gate" the group will be meeting at on the 4th?

GMR said...

There were a good amount of folks riding cycles on the road on Saturday. Suggestions for Sunday -- Start early. Bring lots of hydration. Enjoy.

GMR said...

The gate. Ride up Glendora Mountain Road until blocked by a yellow gate. See pictures in the following posts. It is half a mile from the electronic sign or half a mile north of Big Dalton Road. When locked you must lift your bike over the gate to go farther. Bring lots of water. Start early. Enjoy.

TrekGMR said...

I would like to go the gate and weld it shut!
GMR is used as a dumping ground by residents of the SGV; I see dirt and debris piles everywhere as well as cast off items such as sofas or old tv's.
By it's very nature, GMR is a difficult road to navigate in or on a motor vehicle and the dearth of driving skills results in a high accident rate.
Bicyclist and walkers are at high risk during the weekends when the area is flooded with every type of vehicle.
The taggers want GMR to look like a barrio, their markings are everywhere.
It seems like four agencies claim jurisdiction of GMR: CHP (state), LA County (Sheriff), US Forestry (federal) and Glendora (GPD) who are usaully the first responders to the numerous accidents taking place on GMR.
How nice it would be if these agencies would come to a consensus and close GMR to motor vehicles.
GMR would be designated as a bicycle and walking road (and this includes the skateboard community) with the hazard of tangling with a motor vehicle removed.