Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Quiet Night

It was a hot night in the 90s. Got a late start for Wednesday. The was fairly quiet. Ron and Matt said hello in passing but no ride time. I continued up the road. Ken sailed down decided to swing back around and chat a moment. That was good.

Nearing mile marker 10.2 I heard sirens below. I hoped they were not coming up the mountain. They were quickly forgotten. Rode to the wall beyond first saddle. I decided not to push farther. Go home have a few more minutes for dinner. No need to rush. Enjoyed the vistas on the way down. Heard a motorcycle behind me at 10.2 took it slow so I wouldnot swing wide. I was totally amazed the biker slowed got through the turn then passed me. Wow polite. Thanks dude.

I thought a ride without a picture just isn't a ride. But nothing caught my eye until I saw the slew of emergency vehicles at the electronic sign. I stopped to take a picture then I saw a familiar figure amongst the police fire fighters and paramedics. Matt was walking around. I saw his bike parked in the guard rail. Man down! Ron and Matt had ridden together talking . Ron ran over the black base for the orange pilon. He nearly recovered from the unexpected bump but ended up crashing. He was in the ambulance. Around his nose was black and blue. Possibly collar bone and ribs broken. He requested to be taken to Pomona hospital. Dude I wish you a speedy recovery.

The fire fighters quizzed us on riding Glendora Mountain Road. Can' t you ride somewhere else? I finally stated there is less traffic on the road. Commuter traffic is lethal.

So tonight's wish is ride safe. Every time.

No pictures.

Here is the Glendora Patch Report:
"A male bicyclist in his 50s was injured shortly before 7 p.m. when he hit an object in the roadway and fell off his bike while traveling with a group of bicyclists on Glendora Mountain Road near Big Dalton Canyon Road. He suffered abrasions and a possible broken collarbone, Lamborghini said. Police and ambulance arrived on the scene at 7 p.m. and the man was transported to Pomona Valley Medical Center."

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