Saturday, September 24, 2011

Double Double

It was a glorious weekend of riding. Friday the three of us Steve, Bill and I had a leisurely ride to the shed. Quiet road. Very few folks coming or going. Warm weather with sun and blue sky. A very even tempo to activate the muscles without over exerting Steve before his Sunday LA Triathlon. Rock on Steve.

Saturday was diametrically opposite to Friday. Overcast, cool. Plenty of folks coming and going. Faster pace. Marty of Riverside Bicycle Club caught me about two miles into the mountain and then kept me challenged to shed. Awesome ride, chatting, catching up on life and the challenges that the Fall season brings. Excellent time to shed. It's great to have camaraderie that keeps you up beat, up tempo and concentrating on conversation and not the muscles.

Thinking of fall, those of you who like the comfort of indoors may heed the lure of the track at the Velodrome. RBC is looking for folks who would like to take the certification class. The more the merrier, and the price of the instructor goes down as well. Just drop Marty an email.

Thinking it was a perfect ride, all you have to do is sail home, you meet a legend. A survivor of unbelievable odds. John who flirted with destiny on 04/25/2010 at mile marker 10.20 where he collided with a car travelling 45 miles per hour while he was doing 25 miles per hour. Amazing recovery, I see John ride every Saturday morning. John - Peter - Melissa - Tammy.

More coming.


GMR is not a bike path. said...

Please, for your own safety - do not ride double file like this!

During the day on weekends we see several bicycles riding inappropriately beside each other instead of single file and as far to the right as possible. If you are hit and killed or injured while riding this way you only have yourself to blame.

GMR said...

The double double title is about riding two days in a row. And having completed two sets of back to back days in a week.

Martin said...

Had a great time Saturday riding with you and Matt too when we met up. Beautiful day indeed. Edith went up to the shack Sunday in the heavy fog and froze on the way down. What a difference a day makes.

Bill Mc said...

Regarding the comment above about riding double file - the ladies are actually riding single file with at least a bike's length between them. They appear closer together because of the perspective distortion caused by shooting at a long focal length.

I shot the picture, so I know how they were riding.