Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Weather

The weather forecast warns of "cloud to ground" lightening strikes.
The main threats from the thunderstorms will be dangerous cloud-to-ground lightning and gusty winds. Given the dry lower atmosphere this morning... dry lightning will be a concern across the area.
At my house it rained and shined at the same time. Look between the trees to see the sporadic rain drops.
The radar map at Intellicast gave great information about cloud and rain movement.

But at last I slipped out at 9 am after two mini-drippings of rain. It was a crazy day in terms of weather. Never knew if the winds would kick up and push tropical showers or would the sun prevail over the clouds for a great day of riding. This rain season is unique. Rain on July 4th and on Labor Day Sept 5th. Expect the unexpected going forward.

The Glendora Ridge Runners were coming down GMR by 9:30. A few skateboarders were out and about. The same amount of cyclists, bikers (motor), and hunters ventured into the woods. Having missed my Saturday morning ride, I am pleased with the ride and the weather. Saw Jesse of Adobe Velo, the taller Jesse.
MIA was Ron. I was hopeful about his debut on the road since his carnage, perhaps the clouds changed his mind.

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Bicycle Friends said...

Glad you made it out on this Labor Day Holiday.