Friday, September 2, 2011

Fork to Top of Monroe

Ray sent me the absolute low down on my statement: "That climb up out the fork to the top of Monroe always kicks butt." Here he goes.

You know the reason... because it is steep!
Anyway here are the specs.
From TOPO which calculates it @ 24%
There are naysayers (like B) that continually tell me "computers are wrong"....
"the programmers didn't do something right"
So I have calculated it by hand also.
Using the formula of:
grade = rise over run or %=vertical_climb divided by length_climb

It is .275 mi or 1452' in length or run
It is 200' in rise or climb
200/1452=0.1377410468319.... so we will round that number down to 13.7% = steep!
If we calculate that grade to an angle it is 7 degrees.
"That climb up out the fork to the top of Monroe always kicks butt."

I only report it as 10.7% on my web page I get tired of the
people that tell me I am exaggerating,
but the numbers do prove... it is steep


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Hillbasher said...

That short little climb seems to me to be the hardest stretch of the entire ride out to and back from the Village. It is STEEP, and you know that once you top out on it, for all purposes, you are home free. Can not count the amount of times I have hated through it though. LOL. Part of what makes riding so much fun, right?