Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Evening

When work calls you go in, even if it is a Saturday morning. I checked out the early morning cyclists thinking two thoughts. First that should be me on a bike and two the action is always on Glendora Mountain Road, what are you doing twenty miles from the center of the universe?

My plans included a wait for the temperatures to cool and then I started out about 5:30 pm. 86F was ten degrees cooler than an hour earlier so I was happy. Very few folks on the road. An unusual vehicle of brown painted volkswagen van with a westfalia upper roof zipped past me at the electronic sign. It was easy to remember as it smelt of brake fluid it stung my nostrils. I thought they won't get far in that vehicle, it was already smelling bad. The ping ping ping of the motor said buy a new car dude! It was a quick turn around for that auto, as the time I got around the first hair pin curve (the bottom of Monroe) it was headed back down the hill. Odd indeed. I wondered if some skunk, possum or rat had been released into the forest.

Very light traffic fortunately for me. Cool onshore breeze. A good pace took me up the hill. The wildlife consisted of birds and bugs for the most part.

Any ride is a good ride. I agree.

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