Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rescue Vehicles

A dozen or more rescue vehicles including hook and ladders, forest service trucks, CHPs, two different mountain search and rescue teams plus an ambulance deployed around 5:30 am assisted with an over the side vehicle a 1996 Ford Mustang at mile marker 5.6. This section of road has a long straight stretch at the top of Monroe then descends with a sharp turn to the intersection of GMR and GRR. It caught the driver unprepared for the turn and car flew off the road. Skid marks were 80 feet long. Three people were in the vehicle. Police reports indicate the driver had alcohol on his breath. The passengers were retrieved by emergency personnel. The car plummeted a minimum of 500 feet below the road and was not immediately visible as the cliff side is steep. The large crane in the photo retrieved the errant vehicle. The road was temporarily closed between mile marker 5 and 5.6 (top of monroe) to through traffic this morning.


BicycleFriends said...

"The road was temporarily closed to through traffic this morning"

If the road was closed to through traffic, how did you manage to get the photo?


Unknown said...

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