Sunday, May 20, 2012

Amgen 2012 Stage 7

Chris Horner taking on a water bottle near the shed - or the second KOM point of the stage. On his wheel is Columbian rider Jhon Atapuma
Bill took this picture of spectators on their way to their special Stage 7 vantage points.
Bill's panorama of folks at the shed waiting for the tour. Definitely click on this image to get the full effect.
Matt's pictures
Ron's Gallery
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The rest are Bill's photos. David Z. leads out the long string of peloton riders.
Bills' view of Chris Horner and Jhon Apatuma climbing up GMR to the shed.
This is the break away group on Glendora Ridge Road mile marker 2.45 near the Experimental Forest Sign.
Suzy Degazon was kind enough to do a victory interval upto our cameras.
The blue train of Garmin-Barracuda as they pull the peloton on Glendora Ridge Road mm 2.45.

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