Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

After a week of drizzly clouds that produced 0.6 inches of rain, today was the first day on the bike for most of us. The sun was out the clouds kept it cool and moist. The crowd from the Letape was gone so the mountain felt like it was ours again. Bill and I started out. Matt behind. Just enough folks to inspire as they pass by. I dug in and found the strength to hang on and push a little harder.

After a good stretch to the shed, Jesse of Adobo velo stopped by. Matt came racing up and then John and Bill. John was a strong rider. It was a good chase to fork plus four to keep up with Matt and John.

On the way down gmr a group of three riders going up shouted, "Hex Key?" -- I stopped. Matt thought he heard "Brewsky" so he stopped. My super tool helped clinch the saddle in place. Happiness ensued for a trio headed for a monster ride to Cow Canyon Saddle and then Newcomb Ranch.

Who stops for riders shout help? GMR does.

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