Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tour of California by Ron S.

There are so many stories that happened Saturday on Glendora Ridge Road and Glendora Mountain Road. This is vantage point from Ron S. Thanks for write up!

by Ron S. Thanks a bunch for posting the photo's of stage 7. There are so many stellar places to view this awesome race and as a photo buff/bike-nut I appreciate the chance to view a few different vantage points.

My vantage point for both last year and this was to park my vehicle atop the ~3.7mi hill on the Ridge Rd., or exactly 3 mi West of the first KOM. This way I could take in the KOM, do some riding & picnicking, and then see the peloton return up that nasty 8-11% hill!

Attached are the scene at that first KOM, and I do mean a scene, about 90% bike riders with lots of spirit, great comaraderie! On the return leg I shot most views within 100 yards of the top of the 3.7 mi hill

This was easily the highlight of my cycleing year in 2011, and will likely be this year also. We almost opted to ride up some of the Baldy switchbacks, but had done 16 mi and a fair bit of climbing so we chickened out! Thanks again for posting the great shots this year and last, hope you enjoy mine.

Lets hope also for yearly returns of Amgen to our coveted GMR/GRR/Mt Baldy "Riders Paridise"! Regards, Ron S. Walnut, Ca.

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Bicycle Friends said...

It was an absolutely great day of racing. I look forward to next year.

After the first KOM, I tried to get to the maintenance shed but it was closed at East Fork/GMR.

I was so bummed as I was really hoping to see you guys/gals.