Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Rides

Saturday was cool and almost raining. The weather can't make up its mind. A couple days of sun. A couple days of clouds and drizzle. Saturday was on the darker side of drizzle. Sunday was brilliant, clear and warm.

Saturday folks. Cathy rides by and I hang with her to the shed. Out of commission from an elbow injury for six months she is back on GMR for the first time in full swing. Cathy is pleasant and yet tough to the nails and a determined rider. I am lucky to snap her picture. Briefly, speak with Eric at Fork plus Four. We agree that we need more ride time. Looking good Eric. Then Matt introduced me to the mom of the mountain, Tanya. She rides a bike with her son who is five and a half years old to school 3.5 miles one way. That's a total of 140 miles for a month. Amazing. And yes she is seven months pregnant and riding her bike. Be safe Tanya.

Sunday. Nice to find commonalities, Brook and I are ex-patriots of Pennsylvania. Bask in the glorious sun. No snow to shovel in winter here. One month new to the area, Brook enjoys the mountain ride. He is training for a triathlon by Castaic Lake in October.
One person I didn't get a photo but am very grateful too, is Jason from Long Beach. He pushs past me around mile marker 11 and I wake up my legs out of their sleeping state to hang onto his wheel for a mile and a half. Good pace. It is a fluke that I find him in his truck in the shade at the bottom. The Arco Jersey stood out in my mind. Now all I need to do is to keep that pace for 23 miles.

Of course the regulars who I chat and ride with are John, Matt and Bill.


BicycleFriends said...

It has been too long between rides with you and Bill. Kevin's been busy working his way to Mt Baldy Village. You will have to join us for his arrival into Baldy.

GMR said...

Bicycle Friends, we missed "our anniversary"! I hope to see you soon, maybe even in Baldy Village.