Monday, April 20, 2009

Blood and Guts


Ron G, Matt, Zach and Tony endured the heat (90-100F) for a hard ride. Tony and Zach made it beyond the first saddle before turning around. Ron G and Matt continued on to the top of Monroe. Matt who rarely rides the outside of the lane painted with a white line was quite surprised to have an up close and personal encounter with the natives. Ron G was quick enough to capture the moment.

The guts award of the day go to Ron G and Matt.

For myself it was a quiet night, good for intervals while I concentrated on my breathing. Wolfgang in his Magor Mold jersey passed me as he descended.

The blood award of the day goes to Bill for toughening up his left tendon. Heal fast! I am thankful it was only the pedal of the bike and not a car. Those yellow lights are always hard to time.