Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Ride

My brain signals with its upper motor neurons to the spinal cord to move my legs and they respond pedaling my bike up a mountain. It is this realization that made my ride today a bit more of a blessing. What do I want to contribute to society and how do I make myself feel alive were streaming through my head. Family news. My sister-in-law has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, ALS. I needed a moment to be alone. Pedalling. Breathing. Pondering.

The weather was remarkably different from one week to the next. Sunday 105F. Monday 95F. Tuesday 75F. Wednesday a perfect 65F. Today Saturday a chilly, cloudy 55F. With the wind blowing through a layer of long sleeved fuzzy jersey. Chilly thoughts. Plenty of motorcycles to disrupt your concentration or more accurately hone it into the next few moments. Wednesday's ride spoiled me. Big time.

Fortunately life does catch up, breaking into internal thought patterns and the cyclists that I encountered were very good people in deed. Today I met Tayler, Paul, Dan, Alex and Chris S.

Tayler arrived first. I couldn't find the wings on his bike, but I know they are there.

Paul and Tayler.

Dan's happiness beamed through bright red.

Alex took a break from cycling and the racing scene. Remember everyone wins who rides not just the people who come in first.

Chris had problems with his bottom bracket.

Chris and Matt analyze the problems.

The view at Monroe.

Chris compiled a list two pages long of excuses people used to avoid riding. Some notable ones were: My teeth hurt. The second sprinkler in the front yard isn't working. I have to go to San Diego on Friday -- but hey it's only Tuesday!

Chris ranks as a bike whisperer. He analyzed my leg stroke and informed me -- what my knees have been constantly telling me -- that my bike seat was too low by 3/8 of an inch. Chris adjusted my seat. Let's see how this plays on other pressure points. Sunday promises to be a good day to ride.