Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catch Up

Saturday Ride - GMR

The weather promised to be warm and pleasant on Saturday. Mother Nature did not disappoint. After a month of chilly (Saturday) weather here in Southern California cyclists were enjoying the good fortune of sun and road. The Pasadena Triathlon Club had some 40 members on the rode in the early morning.

Recovering from a cold I surprised myself and rode to mile marker 6.2 on Glendora Ridge Road. I call this fork plus six.

Along the way one may see the white boxes for bee hives. It surprised me to find one scenic location was a bee hive site.

The workers were checking to make certain the fence was electrified to keep out the bears for the next three months. They collect the honey and sell it to Sue Bee for retail sale. They will also double up the hive boxes to provide the buzzers more home space. I may not be visiting this area too closely for awhile.

I made certain to hydrate adequately to keep the cold at bay. The wind started gusting around 11:30 am. The view at fork plus six:

Writers will correct me. Pictured are: Iron Mountain, Mt. San Antonio (Mt. Baldy), Thunder Mountain and Cucamonga Peak.

Thursday Ride - Bill

Bill made it to the maintenance shed. First time on Thursday. The joy of resting in the shade of the shed is a blessed event.

Glendora Mountain Road as it approaches the shed: