Saturday, April 4, 2009

Good Ride

The day dawned full of promise of good weather to ride. It was brisk at 7 am with a chilly 46F, but it warmed up nicely into the 50s only an hour or so later. The wind was blowing and the clouds danced with the sun playing with the temperature sometimes cool sometimes warm.

I met up with John and Matt on the road. They kept the pace challenging, the talk up beat and my legs cooperated.

John in all his wisdom of keeping his electric bill down used candles to read by at night. This worked well with books, however the resulting soot did not mix well with his white Mac Laptop.

At the top of Monroe, John relaxed.

Matt with his new Cannondale. His previous bike was a bit ragged around the edges.

I donned additional layers and the sun came out from the clouds and warmed the soul. It was good to get to fork plus two, the beginning of the next leg of training. Mt. Baldy remained hidden behind clouds.

On the way down there was a unique group of five individuals trying to visualize a photo shoot on the mountain. They squatted in the grass and surveyed the road angles. There we met Ron G who had a late start and was headed uphill.

I posted second best times on SDSR 33:00 and to Monroe Truck Trail 1:17.

Thursday Ride

The Public Works Crew was out on Thursday prepping the roadside for brush maintenance for the pending fire season. They turned under the weeds along the edges which also threw a layer of fine dirt on the road.

The afternoon doctor's appointment was postponed, so my healthy alternative led me to the top of Monroe.